Dreamy photos start with the right outfit

'What do I wear to my session?' This is the number one question I receive from clients, and one I am always happy to answer and assist with in any way I can. You see, your outfit plays a HUGE role in how your photos will ultimately look. Yes, lighting, editing and guiding on my end all work to your benefit, but the best thing that you can do for a light, airy, and timeless look is to dress in a neutral colored outfit.

Creams, whites, light pinks, soft blues and subtle earth tones are what you want to stick to when choosing your outfit for your session. When you wear lighter colored clothing, the natural light we are shooting in will naturally bounce off you and your little ones faces allowing for a lighter look overall.

When you wear patterns, logos and dark or bold colors, it takes the focus away from you and brings it to whatever you're wearing. This is why I highly encourage you dress in lighter colors and AVOID patterns, logos, dark and bold colors!

When you book your session with me, I send out suggested style guides to help assist you in choosing your wardrobe, and I am always available to answer any questions you may have.